My card payment was declined but the funds are now no longer available in my bank account


When we process card payments our payment provider runs fraud checks for every order placed.

These checks include things like making sure your cvc number and your delivery address match the details your bank hold.

Sometimes our payment provider will reject a payment based on their checks and your order payment will not go through. If this happens, your order has not been placed. We recommend not placing another order by card unless you think you entered the wrong details as it will likely not work a second time even if the details are correct. We are not in control of the checks our payment provider makes or when a payment is rejected. In this instance we suggest using another payment type like PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Amazon Pay to place your order instead, or get in touch with our Customer Care team who can help you further including providing bank account details to send funds to (we can place your order for you).

When a card transaction is rejected by our payment provider, your bank has already approved the payment.

Our payment provider sends a void request to your bank to cancel and void the payment. Please note that the funds have not been removed or taken from your account. Instead they are held by your own bank against your balance so they will not be available to spend. You have not been charged twice, the money will be returned back to your available funds.

Once your bank has processed the void request our payment provider sent to them, the funds will be released by your bank and be available again on your balance.

Different banks handle void requests in different times, sometimes they can take longer. We appreciate this is a really frustrating situation so have provided some advice with how to release the funds held by your bank as quickly as possible.


Contact your bank and let them know you made a payment (or multiple payments) to Will's Vegan Store on our website.

The payments were authorised by your bank, but are now classed as "gateway rejected" by the Will's Vegan Store card payment provider (Braintree).

The payments have been voided by the payment provider and a void request has been sent to your bank.

Ask your bank to release these funds to your account as they have been voided. Your bank should be able to see the void requests that were made to them.

Please note if these void requests cannot be seen by the agent, you may need to speak to a tier 2 support agent (or manager / supervisor) or your banks technical support team (often the first person you speak to cannot see void information on payments you have made). Your bank should then be able to immediately put these funds back into the account.


If your bank advise they cannot find any void request, please ask them to provide a written statement their letterhead confirming they cannot find a void request for the payment/s you have made to Will's Vegan Store. Once you have this confirmation in writing please can you send this to our Customer Care team by email. We will then provide this to our payment provider who will work with their banking partner to resolve this issue on your behalf.

Please get in touch with our Customer Care team if you are having any difficulties or need any further information.


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