What materials do you use for your footwear & accessories?

Most of our footwear and accessories are made from a bio based vegan leather made from plants (cereal crops).
The latest version we have developed contains 69% bio oil and has a viscose (a natural material from eucalyptus trees) backing material. This material does still have 31% polyurethane in its composition however so there still some plastic. Because of the nature of the material, it is not biodegradable.
Our Oeko Tex and REACH compliant materials such as our vegan suede are made from 100% polyurethane, so there is some work to be done. None of our products use PVC.
The rest of our vegan leather and all our vegan suede materials are made from 100% polyurethane. Almost all the materials we use are produced in Europe (Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands are the main countries).
Sadly at the moment there is not really a vegan leather or suede out there that is made from natural materials. Even materials such as Pinatex or apple or mushroom leather have a polyurethane coating.
We are working hard at increasing the amount of natural materials that we use. For example we recently introduced our fully biodegradable LDN Sneakers which have been over a year in the making, working with leading shoe component manufacturers across Europe to create one of the most sustainable shoes on the planet.
It’s not been an easy journey, many of the solutions we’ve developed to create a pair of fully biodegradable sneakers have not been seen before. These sneakers are literally at the cutting edge of sustainable footwear.
We're putting the lessons learned from the development of these sneakers into other models, such as the linings, insoles and outsoles and also hope to be introducing more models soon giving a natural alternative for all our key models.
We are always researching and looking out new developments across the globe and hope over time technology will provide us with more breakthroughs.
To reduce our waste, we are introducing a free of charge recycling service for all our customers, so they can send their purchase back to be turned into a new pair of WVS outsoles. We hope to be launching this soon and making the first closed loop sneakers in spring 2021.
We are working on updating our website presentation, linking it with our production database so all the component and sourcing information is much more clear for all our products, increasing our visibility.


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